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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the general guidelines to qualify for home health care?

A. First, you need a physician to indicate that you need services. Sometimes doctors contact us directly, other times we contact them for their approval.
Second, you must be "homebound" or normally unable to leave the home unassisted. This means that to leave home takes considerable and taxing effort. You may still be able to leave your home for medical treatment, or short, infrequent times for non-medical reasons. For example, you may be considered "homebound" but still attend religious services. And you may still be entitled to home health care even if you attend adult day care.

Q. What will my insurance cover?

A. Insurance coverages vary so we will contact your insurance company and help you determine your benefits. We currently have approvals with Medicare, Medicaid, United Health, Neighborhood Health, and Tricare. Additional coverages are continually being added. But, most importantly, we will make the phone calls needed to help you.

Q. What if I need therapy after being in the hospital?

A. Sometimes people need physical, occupational and/or speech therapy after a hospitalization. This is often covered by insurance. Some hospitals have their own home care agency. But you always have a choice. Dependable is a full service agency and with our personalized care we are often better able to meet your needs. If you would like, we can contact your hospital discharge planner and make all the arrangements.

Q. Who can refer someone for Home Health Care?

A. Just about anyone can refer a patient or client to us. It could be a doctor, a family member, a friend or an individual who needs care for themself. Referrals may also come from insurance companies, nursing homes, hospitals and rehab units.

Q. My loved one seems to be struggling emotionally. Can you evaluate someone who might need some psychiatric help?

A. Yes. At Dependable we provide compassionate and skilled psychiatric evaluations. We then communicate our findings with your physician and can even recommend medications if indicated. Your physician may prescribe medications and then ask us to follow up afterwards and reassess how you are doing.

Q. What if I have an emergency? Will I be able to speak with a nurse?

A. Yes! Dependable has a R.N. available 24/7 for any urgent situations. Of course, if you have a life threatening emergency, please do not hesitate to call 911.

Q. Are you Medicare and Medicaid approved?

A. Yes. We are both Medicare and Medicaid approved.